Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery time of my order?
Most packages arrive a little faster after COVID. Normally you will receive your package within 10 working days.

What should I do if I have not yet received my order?
If this period has passed and you still have not received anything, please send an email to ( We will then find out what is wrong with your package.

I want to exchange/return my order, how do I do this?
To send a return, simply contact our customer service at ( In the confirmation email, state your name, order number (for example #0000) and the reason for the return. We will then give you the return address and confirm the return shipment. You can then send the product to us via a courier of your choice.

What are the costs of returns?
Unfortunately, returning to us is at your own expense. The costs therefore depend on the carrier. Please refer to the website of the respective courier you wish to ship with for more information on pricing.

What are the conditions for returning my product(s)?
There is always a return period of 14 days. The return period starts on the day you receive the item. However, there are conditions attached to the return
You can only return the item if:
* ● The return period has not yet expired
* ● The product is in its original packaging and all labels are still attached
* ● The product has not yet been used
* What payment methods can I use? We accept payments via (list of payment methods, for example: ) iDeal, Bancontact, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Amex. If you're not sure if your payment method has been accepted, follow the steps on the payment page to see all possible options. All transactions run through secure and reliable payment systems and are therefore safe.
* What should I do if I have not received my order confirmation email? That is not the intention, send an email with your full name and email address to ( We help you quickly.
* Can i cancel my order? Do you want to cancel your order for any reason? Send an e-mail to ( as soon as possible. Please state your name, order number (for example #0000) that you received in the confirmation email and also the reason why you want to cancel the order.